/hʊk / (say hook)

1. a curved or angular piece of metal or other firm substance catching, pulling, or sustaining something.
2. a fishhook.
3. that which catches; a snare; a trap.
4. something curved or bent like a hook, as a mark or symbol, etc.
5. a sharp curve or angle in the length or course of anything.
6. a curved spit of land.
7. a recurved and pointed organ or appendage of an animal or plant.
8. Also, hook shot. (in golf, various football codes, etc.) a hooking stroke.
9. Also, hook shot. Cricket a horizontal shoulder-high stroke of the bat, whereby the ball is hit to the on side of the field.
10. Boxing a curving blow made with the arm bent, and coming in to the opponent from the side: right hook.
11. Surfing the top of a breaking wave.
12. Music a stroke or line attached to the stem of a quaver, semiquaver, etc.
13. (plural) Colloquial fingers.
a. (in advertising, entertainment, etc.) an inducement or feature which catches the attention of listeners or onlookers and draws them further in to the material to where the main item lies.
b. (in writing, especially journalism) something which catches the attention of the reader, usually in the first paragraph.
15. Music a catchy lyric or strain of music.
verb (t)
16. to seize, fasten, or catch hold of and draw in with or as with a hook.
17. to catch (fish) with a fishhook.
18. Colloquial to seize by stealth, pilfer, or steal.
19. to catch by artifice.
20. to catch on the horns, or attack with the horns.
21. to catch hold of and draw (loops of yarn) through cloth with or as with a hook.
22. to make hook-shaped; crook.
23. Hockey to hook another player's stick.
24. Boxing to deliver a hook.
25. (in golf, various football codes, etc.) to hit or kick the ball so that it curves to the left of a right-handed player or to the right of a left-handed player.
26. Colloquial to catch, as a husband, partner, etc.; secure: to hook a new client; to hook a rich partner.
27. Colloquial to hold the attention of: a story that hooked me.
28. Tasmania to collect (firewood).
verb (i)
29. to become attached or fastened by or as by a hook; join on.
30. to curve or bend like a hook.
31. Boxing to deliver a hook.
32. Golf, Cricket
a. (of the player) to make a hooking stroke.
b. (of the ball) to describe a course to the left or on side of a right-handed player, and to the right of a left-handed player, after being hooked.
33. Colloquial to depart; clear off: to hook off on one's own.
34. by hook or by crook, by any means, fair or foul. {Phrase Origin: from a feudal law permitting the poor to gather firewood, but restricting them to taking only dead wood and what they could cut using their hooks (wooden-handled with curved metal blades) and shepherd crooks}
35. go (or drop){{}} (or pop) off the hooks, Obsolete Colloquial to die.
36. hook it, Colloquial to depart; clear off.
37. hook, line, and sinker, completely. {Phrase Origin: from angling, referring to the unlikely occurrence of the fish taking not only the bait, but also the hook carrying the bait, the fishing line to which the hook is attached and the sinker that holds the hook beneath the surface}
38. hook up,
a. to fasten with a hook or hooks.
b. to put together (mechanical apparatus) and connect to the source of power.
c. to arrange a communications link between (users of a communications system).
d. Colloquial to meet and spend time with: let's hook up sometime next week.
39. hook up with, Colloquial to make contact with: to hook up with fellow enthusiasts.
40. let someone off the hook, to allow someone to escape the consequence of their actions or to evade their responsibilities.
41. off the hook,
a. (of a garment) available for immediate use; ready-made.
b. out of a predicament.
c. (of a telephone) with the receiver lifted.
42. on one's own hook, Colloquial on one's own responsibility.
43. on the hook,
a. waiting; being delayed.
b. in a predicament.
44. put the hooks into, Colloquial to borrow from; cadge from.
45. sling one's hook, British Colloquial to depart. {Phrase Origin: from a cant expression, ? where the hook is an implement for thieving}
{Middle English hoke, Old English hōc, related to Dutch hoek hook, angle, corner, point of land}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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